Research projects


EU-funded CoroPrevention project aims to discover long-term behaviour changes and lifestyle improvements as well as medications needed by individual patients with coronary heart disease to prevent another cardiovascular event.


PRIORITY aims to generate the scientific evidence for the use of remotely guided exercise therapy as an accessible, clinical and cost effective treatment to prevent the deleterious effects of sedentary aging on the heart and forestall progression towards heart failure (HF).


A cardiac telerehabilitation study at Hasselt University, Belgium, and the first study to automatically link the EXPERT tool exercise recommendation to a mobile app for patients


SharedHeart investigates the patient’s appreciation for technology-supported Shared Decision Making (SDM) for physical activity, with integration of the EXPERT DSS, and studies the effect of SDM.


‘Are exercise prescriptions for patients with cardiometabolic disease, made by physiotherapists, in agreement with international recommendations?’ A study with the EXPERT Training Tool, to check if there is a learning curve.


‘Implementation of the EXPERT tool to optimize exercise prescription in the rehabilitation of persons with cardiometabolic disease in private physiotherapy practices’ A study with the EXPERT Training Tool.