Sesto S. Giovanni institute, Italy

Prof. Dr. Roberto F.E. Pedretti

Roberto F.E. Pedretti, MD, FESC, obtained his Diploma in Medicine in the University of Milan (Italy) in 1985 where he specialized in Cardiology in 1989.

He is the Director of the Cardiovascular Department and Head of the Cardiology Unit of the IRCCS MultiMedica, Care and Research Institute, Sesto S. Giovanni, Milan, Italy.

He is Chair of the Secondary Prevention and Rehabilitation Section of the EAPC. He is Past-President of the Italian Association of Cardiac Prevention, Rehabilitation and Epidemiology (IACPR).

He was the Director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department of IRCCS ICS Maugeri, Pavia, Italy and he was a member of the Board of the Italian Association of Cardiac Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology (AIAC).

He is Author/co-author of several scientific publications, most of papers concern ischemic heart disease, secondary prevention, arrhythmic risk stratification, cardiac autonomic function and heart failure.