KU Leuven.

prof. Véronique Cornelissen

Prof. Véronique Cornelissen is an assistant professor at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at KU Leuven. She holds a Master Degree in Kinesiology (Specialization: Physical fitness, physical activity and health), a Postgraduate degree in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering and a PhD in Kinesiology. She is an elected member of the nucleus of Secondary Prevention and Rehabilitation of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology and an active member of the Belgian Working group of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. She is a member of the EAPC Cardiovascular Risk factor task force and Nutrition task force. Her main area of research, clinical practice and academic education focus on i) identification and validation of exercise therapies that aim to optimally improve physical fitness and cardiovascular health; 2) enhance implementation of evidence-based exercise guidelines by the development of innovative technological solutions; 3) understanding  determinants of responses to exercise therapy both in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.